The Wongan Waterfall – A natural views

The Wongan Fall is located in Boisien, Kokoyah District, and Bong County. The waterfall’s wide basalt (igneous rock) cliffs over the cascading waterfalls thus causing them to be framed in particular ways that are different from each other.

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Interestingly at the falling edge, visitors can get the best view of the waterfall and its deafening roar. It is at this vantage point, where the waterfall enters into the St. John River. And right beneath the waterfall, there is an island.

The Wongan Fall is open to visitors throughout the year, and has a park and a thick patch of rain forest, which is the ground or home of variety of plants and animals that are exclusive to the area.

Hunting and farming activities are prohibited by locals in the forest. Wongan waterfall is a unique place of mesmerizing beauty, exciting activities, or simply where you can lounge in sheer tranquility.

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