• What Inspires You?

C-K: I’m inspired by so many things in life. I’m most inspired by identifying and becoming a support system for people in need of discovering their greatest potential.

  • Describe Your Life’s Purpose?

My life’s purpose is to give my all, and do the best I can do by the grace of God to build up all people I encounter.

  • What was your Biggest Obstacles?

There’s three. Not joining my friends as a young teen in the Ninth grade WAEC, because my mom wasn’t able to assist at that time. After high school in 2006, I wanted to go to a university but my mother wasn’t financially able to send me. Final obstacle. Starting ‘Women For Positive Actions’. My organization founded to support and assist girls and boys dreams come true. Finding financial support is almost non-existence.

  • How Do You Handle Obstacles?

I pray to God for direction whenever I’m faced with obstacles. He always comforts me and shows me to how to overcome them.

  • Was There A Time You Wanted to Give Up?

Oh yes, several times. I wanted to give up, even cry. Because I felt God had forgotten me during my struggles. Especially when I wanted to go to the university. I realize the importance of education.

  • What Does Moral obligation mean to you?

It means a lot to me. I always try to live right and make the right choices. My entire life I’ve seek God for direction and wisdom.

  • Tell us about your business, and/or career?

I’m executive director of ‘Women For Positive Actions’ and ‘CEO of Cathy Printing Press’. Women For Positive Actions, is a NGO that advocates for ‘women, girls and children, against all forms of violence. Such as ‘Rape, Sexual Harassment, Child Molestation, Gender Base Violence, Child Labor, and Domestic Violence’ to name a few. AS well as focused on ‘Peace Building, Community Awareness, Women Empowerment, and assisting disadvantaged communities with Food, Water,  and Personal Hygiene Items. Cathy Printing Press is involved with varieties of printing. Such as Banners, Mocks, Souvenir Memorabilia and Graphic Design. I know you have/run an organization which gives back.

  • Why do you feel it’s important to give back to the community, and in what way does your organization give back?

It’s important to give back to communities for your personal growth development as an individual or institution. I personally feel it’s good to give back because of the blessing I received. A blessing for a Black American lady who gifted me with the financial assist which allowed me to earn my university degree. Her name is ‘Dr. Georgiana Land’. She donated her salary to cover the necessary fees needed to complete my higher education. Paying it forward, I’ve decided to reach back to the people of disadvantaged communities to assure them they were not forgotten or alone.  

  • Can you tell us about your organization and its mission?

Women For Positive Actions, provide items for those in need and the vulnerable. They are our family too. We continue to look for people and organization to partner with to enhance the life of those most challenged by life’s unforeseen circumstance. Our mission is to inspire, stretch and equip Liberians against societal ails, and poverty reduction through our own little humanitarian efforts. One step  at a time.

  • Why do you feel tourists should visit and experience Liberia?

Liberia has so many beautiful and natural resources to discover and/or explore. There’s also great possibilities for development and business partnerships. 

  • If you could change anything about your life, What will it be?

More time. It would allow more time to put into my NGO. 

  • Final Thought: Is there anything we haven’t asked that you would like the world to know about you?

Yes. I would like for your readers to know ‘Women For Positive Actions’ is very blessed to have met and now has received two USA partnerships, ‘Women On A Mission and Cisco & Cisco Productions’ due to the introduction of our very own ‘Chief Dr. Quinton Tamba Taylor de’ Alexander’. We’re forever grateful and we say Thank You!!

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