Lake Piso is also known as Lake Pisu and Fisherman’s Lake, is an oblong tidal lagoon in Grand Cape Mount County in western Liberia,

near the town of Robertsport. At an area of 103 km2 (40 sq mi), it is the largest lake in Liberia and also the largest lake in the West African country that is fed not just from the Atlantic, but from Mafia, Mouffe, and Mawua rivers too…

Lake Piso – is a saltwater lake with an open connection to the Atlantic Ocean. The lake is known for its extensive discoveries of diamonds in Cretaceous to recent sedimentary rocks, derived from rivers descending from a drainage basin that covers a very significant part of the West African diamond fields.

I know Liberia is given attention to most of the Tourism spots, Lake Piso has a unique history, the Lake is considered a huge lagoon, 40 square miles of salty water running inland from the ocean with a wide variety of ocean fish, wildlife closer to the shore,  and including sea-birds. And to be specific the Lake is by Robertsport where they had the US Submarine base during  WW2.  And there are still remains of sailing ships from long ago and if you look closely you will find old cannons from these ships and not forgetting the nice beaches. This is a perfect spot for the Liberia government or investor to invest in. Image result for Lake Piso

Lake Piso includes fishing and water sports such as swimming, canoeing, and water skiing. Prior to the outbreak of the First Liberian Civil War, the lagoon was a popular travel destination for tourists. High-quality diamonds have been mined from the rivers that discharge into Lake Piso where “igneous intrusions provide potentially rich structural traps”

Lake Piso

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