Rema Fawaz was born and raised in the wonderful land of Liberia.  She reflects a varied personality including ambition and the qualities of kindness and thoughtfulness.

A determined and vigorous individual striving for the best. She desires to change people’s lives, to make an impact on them, to show them they can achieve so much more than what they think. Encouraging those she encounters to fight for what you desire and believe in. Working hard to achieve her personal best became a natural habit. Stating, I was born with this and I am glad it has stuck with me all this time.

At a very young age, Rema also developed a strong sense of leadership in everything she did. Becoming a teenage mother during a time when it wasn’t acceptable and very challenging, didn’t stop her from remaining focused on her dreams. With no financial  support or family support, Rema was determined to make it for herself and her child. That determination motivated her to want the best and was willing to work the hardest to get out of the hardship she found herself trapped in. Especially coming from a very poor background, where families care less about their children.

One of Rema’s goals in life is to help underprivileged teenage mothers live a better life. To remind them that even when everything seems impossible, and even when all doors seem to be shut, there’s always a way through the tunnel of darkness into the light.

To remind them that just because they are underprivileged, and or struggling teenage mothers, it does not define who they are and the right to live a better life. Rema’s goal is to remind them that it is okay to dream.  Instilling in them that they can still achieve what they desire even when they feel hopeless and lost at times.  She wants them to have the support and love she never had, and the chance to attain education to empower themselves to boost their confidence and self-esteem. To believe in themselves so they can become leaders and role models in our society today. One day, Rema would like to build schools, vocational training institutions, and better roads in my village.  As well as a school throughout

Liberia for the children who selected to children drops out of school.  Especially in rural areas and disadvantaged communities because the schools are far away, lack reliable transportation systems, or bad roads. she’s decided her purpose in life is to make those many overlooks due to unforeseen circumstances with dreams fading fast, to empower and provide a support system to turn sad days into happy days. Giving them something to smile about. Reme feels that education is the key to living a healthy and successful life. Changing the myth and stereotype ‘schools are not good’.

Utilizing her special gift of kindness and support to instill in those she encounters through her educational humanitarian efforts & philanthropy that schools are fun.

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Today, Rema is CEO of VERTU GROUP OF COMPANIES INC. A nonprofit organization and Vertu farm specializing in Organic Products such as Red & Pink Organic Rice.

High in antioxidants, great choice for diabetics, and good for your healthy heart therapy. Vertu Group of Companies is a diverse and multi-cultural company that is branched in multiple business sectors around the world. Vertu has adapted a customer tailored approach to best suit their clients with efficiency and top-notch quality overall. Realizing the success of any business is its customers, therefore, their customers are our first priority.

Incorporating their expertise and technical know how to perfectly match customers need to what they want. Providing efficient, rapid, and friendly services that will build strong relationships with their customers. When not handling her busy and hectic business schedule, you can always find Rema spreading her love and time freely to various charitable and humanitarian efforts empowering the lives of disadvantaged communities & villages throughout Liberia. Utilizing a generous amount of monies raises from ‘Vertu Group of Companies Inc’ rice harvest to change lives daily. Realizing it takes a village to bring change, Rema is glad to be a part of  this village that’s inspiring others to continue to reach for that Unreachable star. Living life to the fullest, believing nothing happens unless God wills it and that his will supersedes all human will.

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