Our Interview with CEO- Bill ‘Small Weah Rogers’ the founder of Bill Rogers Youth Foundation

  • What Inspires You?

B-R: There are so many memories that inspires me to keep pushing forward through my life’s challenges.  My brother made his transition in ‘2006’ from lack of safe drinking water in Marshal City. This has inspired me to do whatever I can within my power to bring healthy and clean drinking water to various disadvantaged communities and villages. As a child in Liberia, I watched and became so excited watching the skills displayed by its players on the soccer team. Watching ‘President George Weah’ as a player during that time inspired me to raise my skills level to elevate my athletic journey. I really wanted to become a soccer player. Unfortunately, due to my past experience and trauma being kidnapped as a child in my home country and district of Bong County prevented me from pursuing that dream.

  •  Describe Your Life’s Purpose? 

My life’s purpose is to add value to every child that’s lost his/her self esteem and hope for a better tomorrow. Instilling in them to never take anything for granted, and to always believe in themselves. Every day, I wake up to empower and strengthen myself through education and building positive and effective relationships. So I can return home to Liberia to motivate our youth to discover their talents, and then make it my job to expose their talents to the sports world.  I’m in the process of developing ‘Hope Liberia Youth Sports Village’, where we will create a pyramid to create athletes and young leaders of tomorrow. Educating in the fields of ‘Teamwork, Personal Responsibility, Respect, Peace Building and Sportsmanship. These skills will assist the youth to become a force within themselves to become a stronger athlete both physically and mentally along their journey to success. As well as rebuilding a safe environment for all who enjoy sports in any field to enjoy.

  •  What were your Biggest Obstacles?

There’s two that comes to mind. Being kidnapped and dismembered at a young kid left me traumatized for years. I had to learn to forgive those who harmed me in order to move forward to become that man I am today. Removing that obstacles of ‘fear and distrust’ allowed me to start healing my heart to trust and love people again. Using my experiences to empower those with no voice, voice to become strong and heard loud.

  • How Do You Handle Obstacles?

I usually connect and network with positive people who can make an impact in life, which kee me inspired.  I remain consistent with determination without  focusing on obstacles. I believe in pushing forward through the storms of life, inspired daily by my motto: No MOVEMENT, No IMPROVEMENT.

  • Was There A Time You Wanted to Give Up?

 Yes. When I was kidnapped laying down in the field dismembered without water or food, my hope for survival was fading fast. I laid wondering why would they do this to me and if anyone would find me. The pain was unbearable. I just wanted it to be over. Fortunately, these women came through and put me in a wheelbarrow as a means of transportation and carried me to the local hospital in Bong County.  I felt myself slipping away. Suddenly the women  started singing a traditional songs.  That song gave me hope.

  •  What Does Moral obligation Mean to you?

 As decent citizens, I strongly believe it is our full responsibility to become responsible citizens. We should hold such standards as a way forward to life.  Moral obligation is very important to me because  it helps me to remain humble and respectful to others in our society.

  • I know you have/run an organization. Why do you feel it’s important to give back to the community, and in what way does your organization give back?

 I created the ‘Bill Rogers Youth Foundation’ to help youths who lack educational opportunities. As well as showcase their talents with the world

by creating a self-sustaining education system that fosters self-sufficiency, understanding and respect while encouraging positive, productive interactions in society. It is my mission to help Liberia’s youth discover and develop their natural talents so they can make a positive impact within their communities. As he looks forward to providing clothe those who are naked, and food to all who are hungry. By the grace of God, I feel empowered each time I say with confidence. “I can do all things to Christ who strengthens me.” We give back by creating various fundraisers and using our farm grown organic vegetables to raise fund to assist the people living in disadvantaged communities. I must do my part to extend my thanks and appreciation to them through giving back. My past was dark to escape the land of poverty and I would like to extend my helping hand to others to lead on to grow wisely.  That is one of the best means of my life by creating opportunities for others, building safe drinking water in rural parts of Liberia, putting smiles on children’s faces through sports and recreation activities.

  •  Why do you feel tourists should visit Liberia?

Liberia is a free land with more natural resources and one of the most resilient nation’s on earth. It’s friendly and the oldest Country in Africa with an interesting history. We have Natural Beautiful Beaches, Lakes, Historical Mountains, Diamond, Iron Ore, Raw Minerals, and Rich Land for Farming Purposes.

  • You recently received the ‘Nelson Mandela Freedom Award’ from ’We Dream In Color Foundation Inc USA’ in Liberia. How and why did you receive this recognition in Liberia? 

I received the honor for inspiring the youth of Liberia who dreams for a bright future were fading fast and instilling in them to always believe in yourself  never give up on your dream. Using my personal tragedy and experiences to help them heal the wounded cemented in their minds after so many unsettling and devastating crises. As well as for building positive relationships to bring peace, unity and reconciliation among our people by partnering with traditional leaders, government officials, religious leaders, students bodies, and various  youth organizations to empower the youth of Liberia. Due to the Covid Pandemic lock down in USA, Dr. de’ Alexander offered to fly to Liberia and present it to me amongst my family and friends. To our surprised, we both received special honors. Together, I cried and Dr. Quinton de’ Alexander cried with tears rolling down because of the way we were welcome in the country. Tossing his prepared speech, Quinton spoke directly from heart. In conclusion, Dr. Quinton de’ Alexander was given an honorary name in Liberia. He will now be referred to as ‘Chief  Dr. Quinton Tamba Taylor de’ Alexander- one of the most powerful and renowned former chiefs in Liberia history. Since becoming Chief Tamba Taylor, Dr. Q. de’ Alexander has been doing so much impacting lives among Liberian children by engaging with other organizations.

  • If you could change anything about your life, What will it be?


  • Final Thought: Is there anything we haven’t asked that you would like the world to know about you?

No description available.I’m planning our next 5 km peace and unity run in Liberia in July 2021. This brings so many young people together and inspires our leaders and elders to participate happily. We are looking for friends to join us in supporting this inspiration and empowering  event in July. Which includes our special needs population in Liberia. Also, we’re farming and harvesting our 3rd Annual ‘US Project’ in rural Liberia once ‘Chief Dr. Tamba Taylor’ arrives in Liberia at the end of February so he has the opportunity to experience rural Liberia.

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