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The Bombchel Factory trains and hires disadvantaged women in Liberia. Our clothes are made by women who had never even sat at a sewing machine before; they had no job skills and many could not read or write. Our ladies are now proud seamstresses who can support their families and take literacy classes.Bombchel Tee!

Mini Goddess HoopsWe are changing lives–fashionably–with your help. Plus, our clothes are fierce. You are guaranteed to turn heads in our contemporary African pieces.And let’s face it, tribal prints are extremely popular but very rarely are the clothes made on the continent.Our factory is the real deal: every item is made with love in West Africa.

The Bombchel Factory and Mango Rags boutique in Monrovia, Liberia.
The Bombchel Factory and Mango Rags boutique in Monrovia, Liberia.

About Mango Rags

Mango Rags is our storefront boutique located in the YES Transport Compound in Monrovia, Liberia. Mango Rags started as a partnership between two Liberian women in 2013, and now serves as the retail outlet for clothes made by bombchels, for bombchels.

Goddess Hoops
Let see who behind the Mango Rags clothing line, we visited the company website and were very excited for this to be a born Liberian and a Liberian’s business

Meet Archel

Archel Bernard is owner of The Bombchel Factory and Mango Rags boutique in Monrovia, Liberia. She moved to the West African country after graduating from Georgia Tech in Atlanta. She now specializes in dreaming up contemporary African clothing, training disadvantaged women to sew her designs, and helping the women to become self-sufficient.

Archel’s mission in life took a significant turn amid the deadly Ebola outbreak in Liberia. She saw the devastation in the country she loved; a country still struggling to overcome civil war. Archel decided to open a factory to help the people of her ancestral homeland to rebuild.

She named it The Bombchel Factory and herself, the Head Bombchel in Charge. Archel’s favorite Liberian food is Jollof Rice from her grandmother. Find Archel on Instagram her



When you are looking for something good to wear or as a gift from Liberia on yoy want to stop by The Bombchel Factory and Mango Rags boutique in Monrovia

You Can Visit The WebsiteThe Bombchel Factory

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