Montserrado County

Montserrado is one of Liberia’s counties; it is situated in the southwestern region and consists of five main districts.  This county also encompasses the political capital of Liberia, the seat of government and almost all business houses or establishments within the country. Its population is about 1,118,241 according to the national census of 2008.  Montserrado is considered the most populated and populous county in Liberia. It is about 738.5 square miles (1,912.7 sq. km) thus making Montserrado one of the smallest counties within the country.

Montserrado is the smallest county by size, but largest by population comprising approximately 33% of Liberia’s total population. The population density is 599.7 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,553/sq mi), the highest in Liberia.
Country: Liberia
Districts: 4

The provincial capital of Montserrado from its founding was called Christopoli (the city of Christ), by 1847, it was changed to Monrovia until the 1970s, when a son of Bensonville, one of the county’s political districts, William Richard Tolbert, Jr. became president of Liberia in 1971, when Bensonville was proposed and enacted into law to be the provincial capital of Montserrado County.

Montserrado is known as one of the oldest or five original counties of Liberia.  The county is bordered as follows; on the west by Bomi County, on the north by Bong County, on the east by Margibi County and the Atlantic Ocean lies on the south. Some of Liberia’s beautiful beaches are found in Montserrado.

Bensonville is the provincial capital of Montserrado County.  It is about 20 miles from Monrovia, the Liberian Capital.  The city has a population of about 4,089 people according to the national census of 2008.  Bensonville is the home and birthplace of the late Liberian 19th or 20th President, William Richard Tolbert, Jr. if Vice President James Skivring Smith of Buchanan, who took over state power more than ninety days after the gruesome murder of President Edwin J. Roye, the founder of the Liberian True Whig Party and his entire household in Liberia’s first bloody coup d’état staged by the loyalists of the Liberian Republican Party and Joseph Jenkins Roberts, is considered a constitutional president of Liberia.

Bensonville is a big commercial center for the surrounding agricultural towns and villages.  Its industrial activities before the Liberian civil war were; the production of milled rice, sawn wood, soap, plastics, paints, furniture & fixtures, cement blocks, vegetable and palm oils, canned fish, confectionaries, etc.

According to visitors’ views, Bensonville has a beautiful landscape for the development of a well-planned modern and industrial city that can boost the national economy of a country.

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