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Conor Beary for The New York TimesGenerally, in urban areas Liberians are more likely to dress in typical Western style dress (jeans and t-shirts), while in more rural areas Liberians wear more traditional West African attire, but this ideally of western dressing has changed in the twenty first century as Liberians or Africans as whole wearing their topical beautiful African tradition garment.

In today Liberia, and around the world Liberians are so much enjoying the the fashionable custom designs and not to mentioned, those designs are produces locally and internationally by Liberian. Conor Beary for The New York TimesOne of the well know designer icons among others is Archel Bernard is a Liberian fashion designer and entrepreneur of The Bombchel Factory  and her ambitions and commitment helps her to build a global brand. She had been feature in the the America media like New York Time.


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