Libspot interview with Amb. Prof. Momo Gborkowkollie Douwee

  • What Inspires You?

Wholistic (Holistic) Quality Education (skills, talents & gifts) inspires me to help heal Liberia and the world.

  • Describe Your Life & Purpose?

I’m of the conviction that GOD created me to give hope to the hopeless, set captives free and meet human needs without discrimination.

  •   What were your Biggest Obstacles?

Surviving the Liberian civil war as a motherless young boy for more than 13 years and the trauma of seeing my own brother’s throat cut off in my own eyes without being a child soldier. A bitter experience from a life of having it all to a life of having only GOD and physically nothing.

  •  How Do You Handle Obstacles?

Believing that GOD is able to see me through everything that comes my way and working wisely to find solutions. Keep disciplined regardless of the obstacle accepting the fact that it is an obstacle and find a way forward, around or out of it.

  • Was There A Time You Wanted to Give Up?

Yes, I remembered in 2018, I had my late biological father very sick, looking after him and doing 2 jobs while keeping myself in Graduate School at the state owned University of Liberia. In the middle of defending my Master Thesis proposal, my Dad died about seven days to the defense of my Final Thesis. In my tears and brokenness, I mounted the courage to have my advisory see my final work and sadly criminals attacked us; nearly killed me and took away my laptop, graduation fees and bag. With only four days to the final thesis defense, I had to retype my entire thesis, raise funds for its production, submitted final copies and was there in time to present and defend my Thesis. Above it all, I graduated as Valedictorian of the Graduate and Professional schools of the state owned University of Liberia. 

  • What Does Moral obligation mean to you?

To me, it means doing the right thing for humanity or the society whether one likes it or not. Whether you are being monitored or not, simply doing the most good with no legal obligations, but from a heart that cares and says “help”.

  •  Tell us about your business, and/or career?

The Association of Valedictorians of Liberia (ASSOVAL) founded on December 27, 2018 by Scholar Momo Gborkowkollie Douwee is dedicated to restoring the dignity of valedictorians, raising scholars and providing them with opportunities and tools for further development. A pioneering and an inspiring organization that breeds scholars, appreciates their values and promotes scholarship in Liberia. ASSOVAL is a result of a positive  spirit amidst untold challenges,finding solutions to national and international problems while creating jobs! The goal of ASSOVAL\  is to contribute towards strengthening merit based system, restoring the dignity of valedictorians and providing opportunities for the usage of Liberia’s best minds in the service of our communities  and country.

B. The Valedictorian Lectures (TVL) is a platform through which I as a Scholar and veteran Valedictorian provide inspiring and motivational lectures on different issues affecting the Liberian and world society. Through TVL, I honor requests for Guest speaking engagements, delivery of inspiring and motivational speeches in and out of Liberia. Through the TVL, I provide Professorship lectures to recognized universities in Liberia.

C:The Douwee International Company (DIC) is a 100% purely Liberian owned business that is into Live Band (we compose special songs for our clients as requested for any occasion), PA Systems and Vehicles Rental services, Agricultural and Education Consultancy, Professional Public Relations and Secretarial science services, Customs clearing and forwarding, Investment Diplomacy and Real Estate. 20% of DIC’s incomes supports ASSOVAL and The Valedictorian Lectures.

D: In voluntary services, I humbly served The Salvation Army as the current Social and Medical Secretary for Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea where I provide leadership to this sector of such an international organization.

  • I know you have/run an organization which gives back. Why do you feel it’s important to give back to the community, and in what way does your organization give back?

I strongly feel it is important to give back to the community because when we give back to the community, we help heal the world and make it a better place for us and unborn generations. I saw my late mother gave back to the community and grew up learning that because I experienced a personal return too. During the 1990 part of the civil war, my late Dad and I got at the “GOD BLESS CHECK POINT” where no one ever easily survived not been given 1. MUSCLES ARM (caught off your hands to the arm level), 2. SHORT SLEEVES (caught off your hands to the elbow level)

  1. LONG SLEEVES (caught off your fingers to the hand joints). We were lined up amongst others for an already ongoing killing when the Commander recognized me and asked for my name further investigating whether I was the son of one Ma Nyenpu? In fear I said the truth that I was her son and to our most surprise, the man who was called General Dirty Way set us free saying “My Pikin (small boy), I once worked with your Pa and every time we visited your house, your Ma (Mom) used to give us food including your food.
  2. Nobody pass by Ma Nyenpu without eating so because of her, I will na (not) kill your (you both)”. With tears of joy rolling down the faces of my Dad and I, he (General Dirty Way) gave us an escort to Bensonville (a then safe place). Until now, I wish I could see General Dirty Way to return my favor too because I learnt a lesson of giving back from my late mother’s kindness that is going forever with me. Giving back is beautiful and has a way of making the world a better place in a unique way. Hence, through the Association of Valedictorians of Liberia (ASSOVAL), we give back through payment of fees and bills for scholars and additionally sponsor needed students. We even go further to assist them in finding jobs/employment opportunities. Providing educational guidance counseling and meeting human needs without discrimination.
  •  If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?

To have my biological mother (Mrs. Nyenpu Carter Douwee) who died of CANCER back to life and to be able to hold in my arms, my American born 9 years old daughter (Miss Nyenpu Desire Douwee) whom I named in her honor as life obstacles made me unable to give her a surprise visit I strongly desire to have her surprisingly see me someday when the means is available.

  • Why do you feel tourists should visit and experience Liberia?

Liberia is a sweet land of liberty with so much potentials but very little is known about her positivity’s out there. A visit to Liberia will give you a positive mouth full of new inspirations, business plans, passion for investments into different sectors of the Liberian Society, love to enjoy the warm embrace from loving Liberians who smile even when they are hungry and an extra hunger to make Liberia a better place and bring out its best to the world. Come to Liberia! A place where singles find lifetime partners, where business is possible and positive impact can bemade to change lives for the good of humanity.

  • Final Thought: Is there anything we haven’t asked thatyou would like the world to know about you?

I am the Founding Leader of the Pro Poor Scholars (PPS), a group that believes in the philosophy and leadership of H. E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, President of the Republic of Liberia. In my 2018 UL Valedictorian speech under the topic “DESTINED FOR GREATNESS”, I described President Weah as “MY OWN ADMIRED LEADER OF THE WORLD”

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