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LFA Goal & Objectives- Goal & objectives  of the LFA: 

  1. To develop and promote football at all levels nationally and internationally, without any form of discrimination;
  2. To protect the interest of its members against acts that might jeopardize the integrity of matches and competitions;
  3. To foster friendly relationship among County sub-associations and other member associations as well as players;
  4. To organize competitions, tournaments, and such other matches as may be deemed desirable;
  5. The LFA shall draw up regulations and provisions and ensure their enforcement. The LFA shall provide the necessary institutional means to resolve any internal dispute that may arise between members, clubs, and players of the LFA; F. To promote integrity, ethics and fair play with a view to preventing all methods or practices, such as corruption, doping or match manipulation, which might jeopardize the integrity of matches, or competitions, Players, Officials, and Members or give rise to abuse of Association Football. G. To respect and prevent any infringement of the statues, regulations, directives and decisions of the LFA, WAFU, CAF, and FIFA as well as the laws of the game and to ensure that these are also respected by its members;
  6. To maintain relations with FIFA, CAF, WAFU, SCSA, and all other sporting organizations nationally and internationally. I. To organized technical programs for coaches, referees, administrators, medics and other skilled personnel necessary for the development of Football in Liberia; J. To fight against doping, and to take the necessary measures to combat the use of prohibited substances in order to protect the health of footballers and the credibility of the competitions;  K. To publish periodically a bulletin for circulation to member associations, the press and public giving information about the activities of the LFA;
  7. To create football regions throughout Liberia on the basis of proximity and necessity;
  8. To manage the national teams of the Republic of Liberia and regulate football clubs in the Country;

As with most of Africa, association football or more commonly referred to as soccer or simply football is the most popular sport. Liberia’s best-known player both in and outside of the country is George Weah. This Liberian striker has received various football honors.

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The Liberia national football team

The Liberia national football team, nicknamed the Lone Stars, is the national association football team of Liberia and is controlled by the Liberia Football Association. … Liberia has twice qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations – 1996 and 2002.

Did Liberia ever play the World Cup?The Liberia national football team, nicknamed the Lone Stars, is the national association football team of Liberia and is controlled by the Liberia Football Association. Although the country produced the 1995 FIFA World Player of the Year, George Weah, they have never reached the World Cup finals.

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