Queen Julie Endee – Liberia

Queen Julie Endee was born to Liberian parents in Firestone, Margibi County. She is a native of Nimba, but owes gratitude to Bong, the home county of her mother for her cultural and traditional orientation. Ambassador Endee became Liberia’s Culture Ambassador in 1995, a title conferred on her by the Liberian Government and people having played a pivotal role in galvanizing support for Liberian artistes in the Diaspora and back home to use their skills to promote peace in Liberia.

Ambassador Endee was also crowned and named Traditional Queen of Liberia by the Elders, Chiefs and Zoes of Liberia in 2000 for playing a key role in the peace process amongst the leaders of the Mano River Basin when the Republic of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea where at odds with each other.

Through her innovation and commitment while serving as the Chairman of the social mobilization committee on the Polio Immunization efforts in Liberia in early 1998, Ambassador Endee led a successful campaign to support the Government of Liberia fight the deadly polio virus; a process which eventually led to declaring Liberia Polio free.

In the aftermath of this tremendous strive; Ambassador Endee was named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for her outstanding contributions to the wellbeing of children in sub-Saharan Africa. Indeed, Ambassador JuliEndee is one of the few illustrious daughters of Liberia. She is a luminary example of someone who has a cultural and traditional background, a typical Liberian virtue she has sacrificed to promote both locally and internationally.

Ambassador Endee is well-known as the cultural icon of Liberia. Her passion for culture in Liberia date back when she was in elementary school. She had since followed her passion up to date and she has delegated her life for it. She sees culture as a therapy that can heal complex societal problem. She is a performing and professional artiste, writer, administrator, a producer, a mentor, a teacher and a mother.

She has taught both national and international schools Liberian culture. During a 19-year stint as Liberia’s Ambassador for Culture, Madam Endee has demonstrated stewardship and convince many that arts in general and Liberian culture are valuable instruments through which peace and harmony can be sustained especially in time of crises.

During the hay days of the Liberian war, Ambassador Endee led arrays of Liberian and international artistes, holding cultural and musical festivals in support of Liberia’s peace process. Throughout her sojourn as an artiste, a campaigner and an advocate, Ambassador Endee has coup 31 awards on the local and international scenes, produced 12-albums, several singles and health,peace, women rights, Advocacy and Children rights related over 400-jingles including songs for charity, human rights and in the cause of reconciliation.

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