Our Interview With Liberia’s Health & Fitness Trainer, Prezton G. Vaye

  • What Inspires You?

I’m inspired by people who feel inspired through my service to them. When the client feels inspired and motivated by my service, it feels like the best thing ever. …then I’m re-energized, and I get to go!

  •  Describe Your Life’s Purpose?

It’s only about service to others, and to my God, so that the world is a beautiful place to be. Let’s serve (needy person) as we contribute to changing the dynamics.

  • What was your Biggest Obstacles?

Networking opportunities. I grew up in the village. infact, on the farm with grandparents only. I knew no one; except the few people I lived with. I couldn’t get help whenever I needed it.  It’s important to be connected and stay connected. But I had no connection. That was a serious problem.

  • How Do You Handle Obstacles?

Don’t stress! Innovate as you focus on the process, and the result is soon to show up. A look at my unique team and clients that I have helps a lot as well. But, prayers come alongside; don’t forget.

  • Was There A Time You Wanted to Give Up?

Many, many, many times I wanted to give up. I mean “bigly” as Donald Trump would say. But I’ll run back to Q#4 (how do I handle obstacles), and that’s it.

  • Tell us about your business, and/or career?

I run two shows: A Cooperation and A Nonprofit.

The Cooperation:The Cooperation which is branded and named Tprez Health & Fitness Group Inc. or Tprez Fitness for short,  is a Liberian owned Health and Fitness company registered in Monrovia under section 1.4 of the Liberia Business Cooperation Act for the purpose of providing all round health and fitness services in an environment where people can exercise in pursuit of their personal health and fitness goals. The concept is to see families and youth enrolled in exercise activities as a way to stay healthy and well

Non-profit Sudlow Foundation for Advocacy (SuFDA) is a nonprofit institution that seeks to advocate for, and to improve the lives of adolescents and all children; especially, Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) through life skills, livelihood skills, Sexual Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), peace building, and leadership training. The institution was founded by me. SUDLOW Foundation is funded by my Cooperation, Tprez Health & Fitness Group Inc.

  • I know you have/ run an organization which gives back. Why do you feel it’s important to give back to the community, and in what way does your organization give back?

I give back, because I’m aware of what it means to lack. I give back, for the fact that a needy person may feel blessed and helped if I ever did. And, all that’s because I live to help as I inspire others. Giving is service to God, so it’s required of all of us.

  • If you could change anything about your life, What will it be?

I’m thinking about this question in a very positive way. Maybe you’re talking about something that I would like to see go well. When there’s a need to help, let there be opportunities to do so.

The aspect where I see that there’s so much to care for, but not empowered enough to reach out to the many needs, sucks. That should change. I want to be able to help when there’s a need. I actually like everything about myself, but I don’t like it very much that I can’t help someone at a time that it’s needed the most.

  • Why should tourist come and visit the motherland, Liberia?

Welcome to the mother land, Liberia. It’s beautiful and green for your viewing! A place and people to explore; especially, that those great tourist sites are rarely known by the world. A tourist who explores the beauty of nature  in Liberia will probably be the one taking the land to the world once again. And, will go down history line. The land is virgin and green in color. It’s the oldest country on the west coast, and in Africa! The people/ culture is awesome! Well, I’m sure a tourist may consider the mother land, a home away from home. Come in! Thank me later!

  • Final Thought: Is there anything we haven’t asked that you would like the world to know about you?

Africa, especially Liberia and the people are awesome. Regardless of previous years of difficulties, including years of civil and uncivil wars. The land is peaceful and secured. It’s a good thing to invest in the land and people with ethics and Professionalism for the growth and development of same. THANK YOU!

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