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Rice is a staple of the Liberia diet, whether commercial or country. Food in Liberia – Liberian Food, Liberian Cuisine – dishes, diet

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Jollof rice is a staple dish of many of the West African countries, including Liberia
Potato greens are the young leaves of sweet potato, It is consumed as a vegetable in many African countries (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Mali). There are many ways to cook sweet potato leaves and this recipe will show you a rich and delicious was...
One of the most popular  dish in Liberia is fufu and pepper soup. Pepper soup is made with seafood like crab fish, meat, pig foot and some real dry fish  and bonnies. The soup is popular during raining season when...
Palm Butter is a favorite dish of many both locals and visitors alike. Palm butter, a rendering of oil palm fruit used for food and cosmetic purposes. Palm butter, another name for Moambe or Nyembwe, a western Middle African sauce also made of...


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