D-Loyal who is a recording Liberian artist signed to eBoy Music and produced a wonderful song “We Hungry”D-Loyal – the proud sons of Nimba County

The song Gborbordonboi is sung in one of Liberia’s local dialects, Gio, which means Brabee in the Liberian parlance, in English Big Bro. The Artist D-Loyal is a trending Liberian artist who grew up in the ghetto and knows more about the street, and he brings reality to his style of singing.

Part of his respect and gratitude extended to some big bro who helped him in the industry, D-Loyal thought of bringing such feel and style in his lines to shout to brabee in the industry, internal and around the world.

D-Loyal is a boy from the street who believes in the philosophy of Charles Darwin “survival of the fittest “ biologically named Tongor Slewah alias D-Loyal who lived in the ghetto at a tender age and grew up in the ghetto community and also faced all status quo of life in society. D-Loyal as popularly known, hailed from Nimba County, traditionally speaks his local dialect, Gio, born April 21, 1993, whose parents are: Mr. Richard Slewah and Victory Sumy. He knows how to read a little but not educated, street smart to the hood and learned easily from practical examples surrounding him and the environment. D-loyal started his musical career in 2017, when he was opportune to have featured MTN Lone star Brand Ambassador commonly as CIC, and DJ Don on a hit song called; Play, Play Kill Bird. Before entering his musical career, D-Loyal used to ride Keke for survival to maintain his life and his hidden talents, still believing one day the chapter of his life will be written. Still persistence in his dream, after he features these artists on the song that hit and trend the country for two years, and  he was invited on several shows and different events.
May be an image of 1 person, hair and outerwearAs time went by, D-Loyal plunged off the musical scene but still being featured by other upcoming artists who believe in his Afro-pop style, and reality singing. In 2019, D-Loyal was contacted by his fellow artist called Scolfiezo who connected him for them to be featured on Eric Tompoe single called Bye pass me. After that collaboration with Eric Tompoe, a Liberian Artist, Movie producer, Actor and Entrepreneur who saw the need to manage them both under his management. But things didn’t materialize as it was planned until the management of E-Boy Music hired Wesley NS Brown to serve as the first manager of E-Boy Music and signed the contract with D-Loyal to manage him for five years, since Nov. 15. 2019. Since then, D-Loyal has transformed in the industry in which he put out his first single under the management called “we hungry” in the same year, 2019. Up to present, D-Loyal has extra other singles called “Gradually” and “Gborbordonboi”.
Don’t forget to listen to the new release by D-Loyal (Gborbordonboi (Brabee) Currently, the song Gborbordonboi is trending in the city of Monrovia, as all sizes of life do vibe to the lyrics of the song.
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