• What Inspires You?

D-L: I was inspired by one of Liberia’s oldest Afro and traditional artists called James Dopoe, who sings in parables and reality of happenings. And from the sub region like Nigeria I champion Wizkid as my role model in Afro pop. The reason I have been inspired by Wizkid it’s because of his story I read motivated me, where he used to go to school and also spent more time in the recording the studio.

  • Describe Your Life’s Purpose?

 I want to be one of the turning artists in Africa and the world at large. I want to bring my county and culture to light in my style of singing, and open an empire called Afro house in the future and bring other young artist after my legacy.

  • What was your Biggest Obstacles becoming an artist?

Wow! Well, after my first hits song I became a target and hate in the industry from promoters. I was stop and denied by promoters because I never had money to promote my game. Many of these promoters thought I had money because of my hit and collaboration with Lone Star ambassador and one of the biggest DJs at the time called DJ Don. Again, I never had supports from family to support and encourage me except one of my friends called Scolfiezo who believes in my style. I had no food to eat, no shelter, cloths to wear, nothing at all. Things were actually bad and complicated. I was considered as a street artist with no head.

  • How Do You Handle rejection to your music?

I see my rejection as motivation from whatever angles in life. I from the ghetto and I don’t really see it as means to tear me down rather, I muster up the courage to see it as way for my struggle in my game. I also believe the adage that says “the rejected stone will someday become the corner stone”.

  • Was There A Time You Wanted to Give Up pursuing your dream?

It was the time I impregnated my girlfriend and it became a difficult time for me, no means to support her. And my girl parents decided to take me to jail for child support, even my mother was bitterly against me. The girl family took me to the police station and the law asked to provide for my girl by looking for a better job and quit music because it was not providing anything for me, talk less of the industry. Later, I found a job that became so difficult and challenging to transport myself to work and home, and sometimes to even found a way out to rehearse myself. With the stress and no easy means to enjoy what I love best to inspire me became tasteless.

  • Tell us how your career successes?

I believed in one day, that my hustle will turn around, so I was looking for loop holes to express my styles and flows. I was opportune to have been featured by Eric Tompoe on a track called Bye pass me, at which time he asked me to be signed to his label E-BOY MUSIC. After that collaboration, it became a turning point for me, and later the management of E-Boy Music signed me. A whole new chapter of my life became a story in the industry.

  • Which Artists do you admire or find inspiration from?

I admired Naira Marley from Nigeria.

  • If you could change anything about your life, what will it be?

I will change the way I unleashed information about myself and things surrounding my progress especially when I sit with my colleagues. I will like to keep secret affirm.  

  • Why should tourist come and visit the motherland, Liberia?

I think we have more tourist sites that has attraction to be spotted by the world.I want culture to be told and learned, so if we have more tourist coming to Liberia it will add value in promoting our culture and it will help to expand the growth of our arts and cultures. 

  • Final Thought: Is there anything we haven’t asked that you would like the world to know about you?

Firstly, I am so personal, and a feature artist, and I want the world to know that I will hit, soonest. I was born during the war 1990 in a country, located in West Africa, Liberia. Coming up as a child, raised up in the slum and ghetto community and trying to fight my way in a society that don’t accept or ready to explore the youthful population for the future and hoping to speak on behalf of the next coming talented generation. I have so much to make a difference in my style and I want the world to search for Liberian music, and our arts and cultures. I will love to explore more in local vernacular with the best swag in Afro pop, and sometimes I do go dance hall. I started as a crump dance artist and have good body language, more things about I hope unleased in the future. Closing, I appreciate your platform for such a time and exploration.

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