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The Counties Of Liberia

Rivercess is Liberia’s south-central county, once a territory annexed to Grand Bassa County until 1984 when it became a county
Nimba County is a county in the northeastern Liberia that shares borders with the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire in the East and the Republic of Guinea in the Northwest. Its capitol city is Sanniquellie and its most populous city...
River Gee County River Gee is one of Liberia’s southeastern counties.  It is the former region known as lower Grand Gedeh County. The county has six districts.  Its provincial capital is Fish Town. River Gee is measured in land as...
Grand Gedeh is a county in the eastern portion of the West African nation of Liberia.
The County is once known as the food basket of Liberia also grows crops such as cocoa, coffee, rubber and palms in addition to its rice production.  Bong County is located in the central region of Liberia. It is rich in minerals and has five mining companies:
Maryland County is one of the first four counties of the Republic of Liberia. Initially, this County was not part of the Republic of Liberia during its founding.
Bomi is a county in the northwestern portion of the West African nation of Liberia established in 1984. One of 15 counties that comprise the first-level of administrative division in the nation, it has four districts. Tubmanburg serves as the capital with the area of the county measuring 1,942 square kilometres...


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