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Welcome to Sun Coast  Beach a Beautiful new spot in Liberia And A Unique Destination in Monrovia Opening since January 1st 2020 The Newest Beach Location at Fish Town, Tubman Boulevard Outside Pool  and beaches setting to enjoy the beautiful Liberia...
Liberia is one African nation believed to be the origin of most African-Americans living in the United States. Liberia has a long history of the African slave trade, and many historic monuments to commemorate the Africans sold to work at the American plantations.
The Wongan Fall is located in Boisien, Kokoyah District, and Bong County. The waterfall’s wide basalt (igneous rock) cliffs over the cascading waterfalls thus causing them to be framed in particular ways that are different from each other. Interestingly at...
The National Museum of Liberia is a national museum in Monrovia, Liberia. Initially housed in the First Executive Mansion on Ashmun Street of the city which is now used as a library, it was established by an Act of the National Legislature in 1958
Liberia, a lush, green, friendly, and vibrant land, offers everything from excellent surf spots and shops selling wares by edgy local designers to days spent lolling in a comfy hammock on the edge of the rainforest while listening to...
A selection of the finest sandy beaches is the Bernard's Beach, Kendejah, Kenema, and the CeCe Beach. To admit,one of  the most popular beach in Monrovia is Cece Beach with a cool range of beach resorts, restaurants and with hotels in...
Monrovia is the capital city of the West African country of Liberia. Located on the Atlantic Coast at Cape Mesurado, Monrovia
The Top Ten Tourist  Spot in Liberia The top tourist attractions in Liberia include a lot of the country’s history.  Throw in a couple of nature spots, modern architecture, and beaches and you have one heck of a travel destination. 10....


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