Saydee Pokolo – is a native of Liberia, West Africa. Born the second oldest child of the Pokolo family, and the first among his sibling to obtain his high school Diploma. Saydee’s determination and self-learning habits helps him to succeed in life and inspired him to pursue a path of higher education for which he was rewarded his bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and self-taught graphic design and web developer specialist.

Having to overcome many challenges living in Liberia, Saydee became traumatized from the negative impacts of the country’s fifteen-year Civil War.  Witnessing multiple violent acts in his childhood which took at least 250,000 lives.  Experiencing nothing positive in his young life, he begins to lose all hope, his aspiration for life and his dreams fading fast. After high school, Saydee had the opportunity to leave the past behind traveling to ‘America’ for a tourism tour and cultural exchange in Chicago, a program sponsor by the city.

For the first time in his life, Saydee begins to regain some sense of independence, hope and dreams for a brighter future although it was also taught due to his status. Saydee never returned to Liberia, West Africa. In the pursuit of happiness, Chicago, Illinois has been his home for ’20’ plus years where he’s now enjoying life along with his family.

Happy married to his beautiful wife and being loved by his four gifted and talented children.

Not having US status in his first ’15’plus years, Saydee was unable to work or go to school.  He begins to sharpen and developed his natural-born artistic skills to utilize as a means of survival. Soon his works of arts began to be noticed by influential people throughout Illinois. Such as the ‘Liberian Consulate, District Bishop of COGIC, and the African Festival in Chicago.

From 2005 to 2007, Saydee begins to work at the ‘Consulate Office of Chicago as an office assistant. Spending par time launching a home-based business. Producing a massive production of T-Shirts.  Featuring noticeable on each design. Such as ‘President Barrack Obama’ and former President of Liberia ‘Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’ to name a few. Soon he begins to develop and master his skills in graphic designing. Mastering the technique ‘Corel Draw’ learned by ‘trial and error’ daily on his computer.

As the need for internet and technology demand increased in the US, so he decided to increase his home-based business, Creativespecial Tech as a means to take care of his family. After receiving ‘US’ Resident in 2010, Saydee was able to re-enter the world of higher learning. Enrolling and Earning a bachelor’s degree in ‘Networking and Communications Management from DeVry University in 2014.

Today, life is so much sweeter in so many positive ways. Having fought hard to accomplish his dreams with aspiration and self-determination. For the past six years, Saydee works as an ‘IT Support Specialist’ with three major companies ‘Aspire Chicago, Midtown Athletic Club, and NTTData at Loyola Medical’ supporting computer devices, and resolving network Issues for end users.

Today, Saydee is the founder of a freelance technology business called ‘CREATIVESPECIALTECH’.  Offering his services for the past 10 years assisting helping small businesses with IT issues.  Often giving freely of his services and talents to empower the less fortunate ‘African’ communities with and without pay. The business has recently been renamed and re-branded ‘GLOBAL IT TECHS’.   Saydee also serves as the Founder/CEO of Liberianspot, aka LIBSPOT.

The concept of libspot was created to showcase the beauty of Liberia after googling, then noticing everything posted about Liberia was negative. The search results impact from the Civil War, and negative information and ugly images of the motherland were very misleading. Giving Liberia a reputation of a place you dare not to visit. Yes, some information is true, but most were false or overstated and embellished.  So, he decided to do something by sharing the beauty of Liberia using his IT, research background, and web development skills building libspot allowing people access to the facts and open their eyes to Liberia’s magnificent places of natural beauty.

Saydee Introduced Liberiaspot in ‘2019’ after being placed on hold for many years seeking help in finding the right team that would understand his ideology and capable with the right skills to speedily take Libspot to the next level in manifesting that dream into reality. Finally, Saydee was introduced and is now in partnership with Dr. Quinton de’ Alexander (Chief Tamba Taylor). which he feels the partnership with Quinton’s guidance has rejuvenated his passion and rebirth of his dream to illuminate in vivid colors for the world to see.

Working with ‘We Dream in Color Foundation Inc. USA, Saydee believes with this partnership, his true dream for ‘LIBSPOT’ will now gain its true meanings and Inspiration.

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