•  What inspires you?

R-F: What inspires me is acknowledging the fact that I am from a country filled with opportunities, a country that has been through a lot, from wars to economic crisis and so much more. Therefore, I feel responsible and obligated to be part of the change that will make my country great again.

  •  Describe your life’s purpose?

I believe my purpose in life is to serve humanity, to be a great example for our future generation. I want to inspire and remind young women of their importance and impact they have on society today. Reminding them they have no limitations and they can be what they aspire to be.

  • What was your biggest obstacle?

My biggest obstacle is the fact that honest and hardworking females are unappreciated. Women in our society are seen as incapable of being role models in this men dominated society. Therefore, we are not given the support deserved to motivate us to accomplish even more.

  •  How do you handle obstacles?

I see obstacles as an opportunity and a medium for new direction.

  •  Was there a time you wanted to give up?

Yes!. When we were obligated to shut down due to the outbreak of corona virus, I was so traumatized and discouraged on what humanity was going through on international news. I made a tough decision, knowing there will be ‘zero’ activities in Monrovia (where my business is based). I moved my family to my village on my farm. After 9 month of shutdown, being also in the food beverage and merchandise industry, I lost everything that I took 3 years to build. During this period, I sometimes feel like I am fighting a losing battle. However, I always remind myself of who I am, and use my obstacles as my motivation reminding me to stay on track.

  • Describe your moral obligation?

My moral obligation is to help young teenage mothers overcome their obstacles to achieve their goal and understand their true life’s purpose. Reminding them that they have no limitations.

  • Tell us about your business/career?

I am an entrepreneur and a fashion designer with interest in different sectors in business. My business focus is to create new dimensions in agriculture, mining, charity, construction, hospitality etc, as those are the sectors I am currently involved in.

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  1. This was such a wonderful experience meeting this awesome guy call Dr. Chief TAMBA. I hope and pray for you everyday that all you plan and do should prosper in the name of our ALMIGHTY. PEACE

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