Profile photo of Amb. Prof. Momo G. Douwee AA (Hon), BA (Hons) PGC, PGD, MA (Val), MA (Hons)Amb. Prof. Momo Gborkowkollie Douwee, is a man of high integrity.

Born on December 27, 1979 in Carter’s Town, White Plains of Montserrado County, Liberia, West Africa. He is the 7th and very last offspring between his late parents: Mother, Mrs. Nyenpu Carter Douwee (American-Congo-Kpelle) and Dad, Sir Cooper K.W. Douwee Sr (Liberian Kpelle-Mano).

He’s Dad to his American born daughter ‘Miss Momuna Nyenpu Desire Douwee’ and caringly fathered others. He has been an active impact and innovative member of The Salvation Army for (28) uninterrupted years and served in all sectors of its mission and employee for (22) unbroken years serving in different capacities of its operations. He was honored on Oct. 25, 2015 for (18) years of uninterrupted employment services and (23) years of active impact membership at an occasion highly attended by office of the former Vice President & Government Officials of Liberia and was commissioned as an Ambassador of PEACE and GOODWILL.

A servant of GOD, a distinct Scholar and Diplomat. Out of thirty-eight (38) potential applicants and eight different evaluations, he emerged as the most successful candidate and served as Project Manager Assistant for the implementation of the entire European Union Elections Observation Mission (EUEOM) Liberia 2017-2018. Amb. Prof. Douwee is currently the Founding National Coordinator for the Career Guidance and Psychosocial Counselling Network of Liberia (CAGPSYCONL), Founding President of the Association of Valedictorians of Liberia (ASSOVAL), and Founding Leader of the Pro Poor Scholars (PPS). He is a licensed Professor of Religious Education, and the Social Sciences and currently provides quality educational services to the University of Liberia, The Salvation Army Polytechnic (TSAP), the United Methodist University (UMU) and the Grace International Bible University (GIBU).

In addition to different kinds of certificates & diplomas, he scholastically earned the following academic achievements: AA (Hon-graduated with an honor of Magna Cum-Laude), BA (Hons-AMEU Presidential Awards and the Bishop John R. Bryant Performance Award for graduating as Valedictorian of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences of AMEU), PGC (Valedictorian & Representative speaker of the session), PGD in Leadership, Planning & Public Relations, MA (Valedictorian) in Educational Administration and supervision-state owned University of Liberia, MA (Suma Cum-Laude)-Mission and Intellectual studies, and a student for Doctorate of Philosophy with demonstrational classes at the famous AME University.

He believes he wasn’t born on an Apple Farm and hence encourages people to strive for betterment in his philosophy that if the world will truly be a BETTER place for our children’s children, than , the current generation MUST be developed and EMPOWERED. A man of PEACE and GOODWILL who has been hurt in different ways and yet gives LOVE!

Our Interview with Amb. Prof. Momo Gborkowkollie Douwee  

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