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ADVERTISE WITH LIBSPOT is not the official tourism agency or institution of Liberia. It is a private entity that is interested in the promotion of tourism opportunities, outlooks and socio-economic settings of Liberia, and spotlighting the general business atmosphere throughout our motherland.

 For Advertisement and other opportunities please email us at or simply submit your requests through our contact link. Libspot is simply a private social and economic media resource utilizing the internet to collect and publish valuable and researched information for travelers vacationing, and/or business entrepreneurs interested exploring business opportunities in Liberia. We’ve developed this website to create an easy- to-understand method to assist visitors and business travelers to plan their itinerary in Liberia accordingly to reach desired outcome.

Advertisers, affiliate business establishments, societal institutions, extraordinary people making a difference and our supporters are showcased throughout our web pages. Your invited to utilize their services to reach your satisfaction as you discover the magnificent beauty and splendor Liberia has to offer.  Because of them, we’re able to assist you along your journey to make your visit relaxed and stress free.

This year, Liberia it is expected to attract a huge number of tourists, returning family members and businesses exploring opportunities to invest. Of’ course, Liberian summertime (October 15 to May 15) is the best time to visit Liberia. Don’t forget, Liberia has some of the best beaches to relax along the Atlantic Ocean in the world. Natural lagoons along the beaches throughout our country adds that extra ‘wow’ factor.

Our main objective is to present Liberia’s immeasurable value to the outside world and what our online resource has to offer in reference to exposing each other to manifest an effective and positive outcome globally. Libspot is a newly created website but very exciting and it is expected to be one of the most visited websites and resources of creditable information about the motherland. Our website is dedicated to Liberia, the Liberian Diaspora and our global community friends of Liberia.

 For free/paid Advertisement and other opportunities such as Businesses Listing, Someone You Should Know Features, and more please email us at or you visit our  the contact page.

For FREE/paid  Advertisement and other opportunities such as Businesses Listing and more please email us at or you visit our


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