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Welcome to the Liberian Spot, aka Libspot. We are your one stop online media resource to locate and experience the magnificence and Splendor Liberia has to explore. Discover the unique one of a kind local businesses, extraordinary investment opportunities, breathtaking hotels, exciting amusements centers and even more. Libspot highlights the amazing humanitarians, philanthropists, local and international artists and businesses who endeavor to Uplift, Empower and Enhance the lives of others. Our mission is very simple... To be the most comprehensive and intuitive online resource, spotlighting the phenomenal beauty and resources of the Motherland. We feature Liberia's extraordinary history, embracing our culture and magnifying our country's natural beauty. We showcase this beautiful country in all its splendor through videos, documentaries and vivid photographs. Our gift shops promote Liberia's custom-made apparel and gifts. From each item purchased, a percentage will be donated to the, 'We Dream In Color Foundation Inc.', to assist and empower the lives of various disabled communities located throughout Liberia. The Libspot social media section allows visitors to explore Liberia globally via posted images, videos, music and special events. This offers an excellent opportunity to meet fascinating Liberians, making a difference uplifting others from around the world. "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."



Saydee is a native of Liberia, West Africa. Born the second oldest child of the Pokolo family, and the first among his sibling to obtain his high school Diploma. Saydee’s determination led him to succeed in life and inspired him to pursue a path of higher education for which he was rewarded his bachelor’s degree in engineering. Having to overcome many challenges living in Liberia, Saydee became traumatized from the negative impacts of the country’s fifteen-year Civil War

DR. QUINTON de’ ALEXANDER ( Chief Tamba Taylor ) Co-FOUNDER

Playwright and Executive Producer’, Dr. Quinton de’ Alexander. A designer with ’50’ fifty-plus years of experience, Quinton is known best for what are called “Drama Dresses“. Custom handmade gown created by himself designed to turn heads the minute your entrance is made. He is a strong believer in giving back to the community and doing so throughout his career. Giving freely of his time to organizations such as 'La Rabida Children's Hospital, and more..

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The LIBSPOT is made up of members from diverse backgrounds that offer a selection of different talents, skills, and experiences and they are our greatest assets in lighting libspot community.

DIAMOND G. KAMU Executive Assistant to Chief Tamba Taylor

KIECHA L. LACEY Fashion Editor

ALBERT MORWEH Historical Researcher Specialist

WILLIA JEAN THOMAS Proofreading Supervisor

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Libspot in partnership with 'We Dream In Color Foundation Inc.' is committed to' Uplifting, Empowering and Enhancing' the lives of individuals living in disadvantaged communities due to life's unforeseen circumstances. As we bring to the forefront some of the most beautiful places to visit manifesting your vacation dreams into reality. We also introduce some phenomenal people doing amazing things through their businesses and humanitarian efforts.

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