Liberia’s Artists


Hipco – Rap and pop music are also performed in indigenous languages across the country, with a generation of artists a creating their own style of uniquely Liberian rap music called Hipco (or “Co”). Hipco is usually performed in Liberian English or the local vernacular, using the style of communication with […]

The Passion of Liberia Music


The music of Liberia uses many tribal beats and often one of the native dialects, or vernacular. Liberian music includes traditional Gbema music, as well as the popular genre Hipco. Contents. 1 Gbema music or traditional music; 2 Popular music; 3 Hipco; 4 See also; 5 References. Gbema music or traditional … One […]

Music is Passion


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Stricking Game


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Liberia Fashion-Cammepa Productions


Liberia Fashion, again we came across another Liberian fashion icon the owner Liberia Fashion Week. And her goal is to traveling and to promote Liberian designers in Diaspora. Based on that  Cammepa Productions (Cammepa) was launched as an event planning and productions company, producing unique and avant-garde events, a mélange of culture, fashion, […]

A Paradise for Holiday In Liberia


Liberia is a country in West Africa, bordering Sierra Leone, Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire. On the Atlantic coast, the capital city of Monrovia is home to the Liberia National Museum, with its exhibits on national culture and history. Around Monrovia are palm-lined beaches like CeCe and not forgetting Liberia’s attractions […]

A Paradise for Holiday


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