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Just like it sounds, cassava leaves are the leaves of the cassava plant and are the main component of the Cassava Leaf Dish.  It is extremely popular in Liberia, but a variation of this dish is also served in other African nations, under the names Saka Saka and Pondu.  Like most West African Dishes, Cassava Leaf is basically a hearty stew, complete with a variety of meats and served with rice or sometimes fufu. That’s honestly the best way I describe most West African dishes.

Why do we call it Cassava “Leaf” instead of Cassava “Leaves,” I don’t really know?  It could be the Liberian accent or just our unique way of doing things. The two can be used interchangeably and it still results in the same delicious dish!

Is Cassava Leaf Healthy?

What are cassava leavesI would personally argue that most West African dishes are relatively healthy for the simple fact that most have a vegetable base, are freshly cooked, and contain red palm oil, which also has many health benefits.   Cassava leaves, specifically, are lower in calories and known to assist in digestion.   According to Health Benefits Times, The various health benefits of cassava leaves include:

  1. High Iron Content – great for anemia and pregnant women
  2. High Vitamin C to fight illnesses and enhance endurance
  3. High Amounts of Magnesium to assist with rheumatic diseases such as arthritis

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