Capital: Gbarnga City

Districts: 12

Established: 1964

Population:  328,919 (2008)

Total Area: 4,574.1 square miles

Tribes: Kpelle, Mandingo, Mano

University:  Cuttington University & Bong County Technical College

Resources: Cocoa, Coffee, Rubber, Palm Oil, Rice

Minerals: Iron Ore, Gold, Diamonds

Industry: Mining

SeaPort: None

Tourism: Bong County is blessed with two beautiful waterfalls: The Kpatawee Waterfall and the Sicken Town Waterfall.  Kpatawee Waterfall or the Kpatawee Falls is a tourist destination situated in Bong County of Liberia which is 32 kilometers away from Gbarnga and 160 kilometers away from Monrovia.

It is a bit of a travel but going to the destination is an adventure where you will experience lush scenery along the way vibrantly filled with colored butterflies, jungle frogs, endless species of exotic birds are just everywhere. Trees are green and abundant, and the waterfalls provide a sense of serenity and beauty.

In 1964, Bong County was established.  Bong County has the third largest county population in Liberia and is the third largest County in terms of area. Image result for BONG COUNTY, LIBERIAGbarnga, a name for an old farm, is the County ’s headquarters.  Prior to the civil war, Bong County had two major hospitals:  Phebe Hospital and Bong Mines Hospital. The County is once known as the food basket of Liberia also grows crops such as cocoa, coffee, rubber and palms in addition to its rice production.

  Bong County is located in the central region of Liberia. It is rich in minerals and has five mining companies:


Major Companies

  • BHP Billiton
  • Jonah Capital
  • China Union
  • Mittal Steel

Bong County represents one of the largest iron ore reserves in Liberia and in the world having estimated reserves of 4 billion tonnes of ore grading 36% iron metal.  Bong County also hosts three alluvial mining sites in and around Degei in Fuahmah District, Garmu in Jorquelleh District and Gold Camp, Meng Creek and Yelle Creek.

Bong County’s flag is purple and orange. Purple signifies the dawn and the County’s newness is represented by orange. There are two geological instruments in the white field portion of the glad symbolizing Bong County’s mining industry.

Bong County is home to Cuttington University College and the Bong County Technical College.

Phebe Hospital also runs a School of Nursing at its Suakoko Compound. The county is also home to Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI) and Rural Development Institute (RDI).

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