Image result for grand bassa county mapGeographically, Grand Bassa County is located in the central west region of Liberia.  It is one of Liberia’s fifteen (15) counties.  Also, Grand Bassa is one of the first five original counties of Liberia.  Presently, it has eight electoral or political districts.  The estimated arable land of the county is 3,064 square miles (7,936 sq. km).  According to the census of 2008, Grand Bass has a population of 224,839, thus making the county the fifth most populated in the country.  The City of Buchanan (Gbezhon) is the provincial capital of the county.

Grand Bassa is bordered by Rivercess County to the southeast, Nimba County to the northeast, Bong County to the north, Margibi County to the northwest and to the west, by the Atlantic Ocean.


Buchanan is the provincial city of Grand Bassa County and the third largest city of Liberia.  The city lies on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean known as “Waterhouse Bay or Gbezhon in the Bassa Language. The City of Buchanan is a beautiful natural bay that lies at the month of the St. John River and the Atlantic Ocean. Called Port of Cresson at its founding in 1832 as a settlement for Free Blacks from New York and Philadelphia

 It was named in the first half of the nineteenth century in honor of Thomas Buchanan, the cousin of James Buchanan, President of the United States.  Thomas Buchannan was the second of the Commonwealth of Liberia by appointment of the American Colonization Society (ACS).    The population of Buchanan is 34,270 out of which 49.56% comprises of a male while 50.44% is made out of a female.

On the southeast of Monrovia, the Liberian Capital, Buchanan lies 70 miles (110 km) away near the mouth of the Saint John River.  Fishing is a major industry in Buchanan.  The city has natural beautiful beaches and lagoons. Buchanan contains the second largest port in Liberia. The Buchanan Port has been used mainly from the 1950s to ship one of the world’s high quality or pure iron ore (above 75% purity) extracted by LAMCO ( the Liberian-American-Swedish Mining Company) including timbers, logs, and other raw materials.

Historically, Buchanan was where the Port Cresson Colony was founded by the Black Quakers of the New York and Pennsylvanian Colonization Societies in December of 1832.  The City was the settlement of people of African descent from the United States back to Africa, the Homeland.    On the first day of April 1839, the Bassa Cove Colony was incorporated into Liberia.


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