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Liberia music artists
Liberia music artists

Hipco – Rap and pop music are also performed in indigenous languages across the country, with a generation of artists a creating their own style of uniquely Liberian rap music called Hipco (or “Co”). Hipco is usually performed in Liberian English or the local vernacular, using the style of communication with which Liberians speak and relate to each other. Hipco evolved in the 1980s and has always had a social and political bent.

Image result for liberia musicians pckElectoral constituencies would be carved out according to the constitutional provision, Mahara asserted.

In another context, the DPM said the government plans to amend the constitution before holding the local elections in Province 2 on September 18. He urged the CPN-UML to help in the process to address the demands of the agitating parties.

Mahara was in Ghorahi to lay the foundation stone of a building for the Rapti Sub-regional Hospital.

Published: 16-07-2017 08:56

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