ADVERTISE WITH LIBSPOT is not the official tourism agency or institution of Liberia. It is a private

entity that is interested in the promotion of tourism opportunities and their outlooks and

 the socio-economic settings of Liberia and the general business atmosphere as well.

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Libspot is simply a private social and economic media firm in the internet world that collects and publishes information about travellers and business people’s interests to come to Liberia; where   a lot of business opportunities lie.  We have put this web site together in an easy- to-understand way so as to assist foreign tourists and business travelers in planning their visits to Liberia.

Advertisers, affiliate business establishments, societal institutions and individuals are our supporters as displayed on our web pages. Please use their services to reach your satisfaction while going to Liberia and while in Liberia.  They make it possible for us to bring you the needed about Liberia through

This year, it is expected that huge number of foreign tourists, Liberians abroad and overseas business travelers will visit Liberia. Of’ course, Liberian summer time (October 15 to May 15) is the best time to visit Liberia.  Don’t forget, Liberia has some of the cleanest beaches of the Atlantic Ocean in the world, couples with natural lagoons along beaches throughout the country.

Our main motive is to present Liberia to the outside world and let the world see what Liberia can offer in tourism and to business global world.  Libspot is a newly created website but very exciting and it is expected to be one of the most visited websites and sources of creditable information about Liberia. Our website is dedicated to Liberia, the Liberian Diaspora and our global community friends of Liberia.

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