Cece beach-Monrovia Liberia

The Ce Ce Beach is within the city proximity of Monrovia is one of best beaches where you can spend your leisure time in Liberia. The sea water is immaculate, and pristine white sand is very much alluring, which attracts the locals and tourists

A selection of the finest sandy beaches is the Bernard’s Beach, Kendejah, Kenema, and the CeCe Beach. To admit,one of  the most popular beach in Monrovia is Cece Beach with a cool range of beach resorts, restaurants and with hotels in a waking distance.Image result for ewa beach monrovia liberiaImage result for cece beach liberia

The Cece Beach is very  Congested and needs more infrastructure in place to attract tourist. Liberia is actually located in a good and ideally spot with world’s best beaches such like the Cece Beach and other beaches around monrovia.

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The beach has night bar and restaurant  while Enjoying  the vibe of a secluded oasis with  tall palm trees that complete the exotic atmosphere. The beach also a  Perfect surfing spot or go snorkeling to see the colorful marine life hidden below the surface of the crystalline water.

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This the tick booth, hopefully at this time they might have a better infrastructure in place but disregardless, this beech is a place you don’t want to missed when visiting Liberia during the summer time.

The beech is very clean with smooth sand to walk bare feet all day having fun swimming, listening to music and not forgetting the Liberia’s Club beer to cool you chest from the hot sun.