Tubmanburg, also known as Bomi and formerly known as Vaitown, is the capital of Bomi County in Liberia. It lies in the Bomi Hills northwest of Monrovia and was an iron ore and … A key attraction is Blue Lake, also known as Bomi lake.Image result for blue lake bomi county liberiaBomi Blue Lake in Tubmanburg, Liberia: An abandoned mine pit is now a beautiful, colorful attraction area in Bomi


The Lake is one the wonder in Liberia  when Richard Devine, in whose constituency the lake was situated, began to promote as one of the wonders of what he billed as “a natural phenomenon and …. a wonderful sight to behold.” “One thing is certain about this lake,” continued the Senator, “Whether rain or shine, it never rises above its banks, nor does it dry. The water level is absolutely stable. It’s a wonderful sight, a haven for hotel and casino development, and of course water sports.” Senator Devine’s enthusiasm certainly helped draw attention to the Blue Lake, named for its clear blue waters. But so far, hotels and casinos have yet to set up around the lake

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Blue Lake In Liberia Bomi County

The main attraction in Tubmanburg is the Blue Lake which has been formed when the iron ore mine – open cut pit – found itself lower than the water-table level. Apparently the water suddenly started to fill the crater – so fast that the mining equipment is still in the lake – buried under the water and not likely to be retrieved. It makes for a refreshingly clean and scenic ‘getaway from it all’ location only about 10 minutes drive from Tubmanburg. Image result for Blue Lake in liberiaThe Wonders of Liberia’s Blue Lake: The “Discovery” of a Natural Lake in the Pristine Forests of Liberia’s Bomi County Is Causing So Much Excitement That the Catchment Area Is Being Touted as an Investor’s Haven. By Jarlawah Tonpo .